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Policy bundle including a privacy policy, a terms and conditions section, and a cookies policy tailored for your specific business requirements.

Not only do website privacy policies positively affect your online reputation, they are also required by law if you collect personal information such as names, telephone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, payment information, etc. Most online websites do collect some type of data from users. For example, eCommerce websites collect names, telephone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and payment information in order to process and to ship orders.

Although a terms and conditions section is not required by law, it provides important protection for your business. In short, the terms and conditions section of your website is a set of rules stating what is permissible activity and what is not permissible activity on your website. It allows you to terminate user accounts for misconduct, state your copyright for the content on your website, and limit your liability in the event of typographical errors.

Cookies store information about user patterns in order to create a more satisfactory user browsing experience. A cookies policy is required by law if you service clients in California or Europe. Although having a cookies policy and cookie banner is not always legally required, it is wise to ensure that you are prepared for customers from all regions in order to avoid legal issues.

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